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White House offer on health care bill gets mixed reviews

05 April 2017, 01:57 | Nichole Osborne

After the debacle in Congress over repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act, it's time to stop calling it "Obamacare". And he has turned to making enemies out of former supporters among Republicans in Congress, even as Democrats keep him at arm's length.

The health care issue generated friction between Trump and some conservative Republicans.

It's the weekend, so President Trump went golfing.

In an interview published on Sunday by the Financial Times, Trump was adamant he wanted to get a healthcare bill passed, and said he would turn his back on the Freedom Caucus and negotiate with Democrats if that is what it took.

Where is the White House?

Rep. Steve Womack, a Republican from Arkansas, said leaders told members on Tuesday that they "continue to discuss" options but that there was "no white smoke coming out of any leadership office that I'm seeing".

The White House and the GOP are re-starting negotiations on a replacement to Obamacare.

Representative Jim Jordan of OH, co-founder of the House Freedom Caucus, said Sunday that tweets, statements and blame from the White House "don't change facts" and that Ryan's legislation fell short of promises Republicans had made to voters about how Obamacare would be ended.

"Part of it is self-imposed", former Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele said of Trump's challenges and political drift, adding that many key players often find it hard to build a bond with the 70-year-old executive. "We are going to have great health care in his country". That's when Republicans will defend their congressional majorities, so GOP successes on issues like tax cuts and infrastructure that affect the economy and jobs could overshadow their health care dud.

Meadows established that the White House had not offered legislative text for a deal, but expects text within 24 hours. President Trump and other Republicans frustrated at the Freedom Caucus's obstruction should remember that their freedom to engage in that obstruction is a feature of the constitutional system from which both parties ultimately benefit.

House Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady, one of the authors of the health care bill, has made clear that his committee has moved onto tax reform, as was requested by the President and announced by Ryan the day health care collapsed. She said she hopes Congress will work in a bipartisan way going forward to address those challenges, adding that it has "a flawless opportunity to do that now".

While Pence has gotten heavily involved behind the scenes, the vice president's initial meeting Monday with a small group of moderate members today was the first sign that anyone from the White House has started to approach the work of assuaging the concerns of the equally skittish moderates inside the conference. All 13 states with the highest proportion of people getting federal subsidies for their insurance premiums voted for him last November, according to federal data.

Stung by the defeat of Obamacare repeal, Donald Trump lashed out last week at the Freedom Caucus, tweeting that it would "harm the entire Republican agenda if they don't get on the team, & fast". Paul was among the most outspoken opponents of the bill, which he derided as "Obamacare lite".

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) said Tuesday that House Republicans were working on reaching a consensus on a bill to replace Obamacare.

House Republicans aren't giving up on their failed health care bill. "I'm not saying I think it'll happen-I don't know-but I think it's possible".

Axing the essential health benefits was one of the concessions that GOP House leadership considered adding into the American Health Care Act to appease conservatives.

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