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April the giraffe feasts on hay before birth

08 April 2017, 07:31 | Nichole Osborne

April the giraffe feasts on hay before birth

April the giraffe feasts on hay before birth

For the uninitiated, April the Giraffe became a viral sensation this winter after the Animal Adventure Park, a zoo in upstate NY, turned on a live stream in her stall.

"These are the three giraffe stalls so she would have been born in one of these", Cathy Ballone, of the former Catskill Game Farm, said.

The big question: Why hasn't April given birth yet?

Watch a stream of April's pen below or join the conversation and catch the stream on the WTHR Facebook page! So he did. And it's actually really catchy.

Mum Orla is eight years old.

Ricky Reilly, a 30-year-old musician based in New Hampshire, recently uploaded a YouTube video serenading April, the famously pregnant giraffe - and it's surprisingly catchy.

Park Owner Jordan Patch has said there will be a contest to name the calf after it is born and its gender is revealed.

It seems that April's lack of labor has forced people away from the live-stream.

April was reported to have quite an appetite Thursday night.

"It was still at first, but she licked and nuzzled him until he was able to work at standing", she told FOX 13 Tampa. Bulls take no part in rearing young.

Since the privately owned zoo's giraffe cam began live-streaming video from April's enclosure last month, the feed has totaled more than 15 million views on YouTube as people around the world check on the status of April's 15-month pregnancy. After the calf grows, it will be moved to another facility. We can not retain offspring, as it would lead to incestuous mating and undermine the genetics of the program and species.

There is not only one species of giraffe, but potentially four species of giraffes in the wild. The most common subspecies is the endangered Rothschild's. They drink water once every few days; the leaves provide hydration.

"Giraffes will remain indoors until conditions are agreeable", shared her keepers.

Giraffes can use their strong hoofs to defend themselves and those antennae-looking things on their heads are called ossicones. They are the tallest animals, with males growing to 20-feet and weighing up to 2,600 pounds. Mating, fighting and eating.

Giraffes are now listed as "vulnerable to extinction" on the IUCN Red List.

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