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Bill Maher Apologizes After Using N-Word On His Show

04 June 2017, 04:51 | Mandy Simon

Bill Maher Apologizes After Using N-Word On His Show

Bill Maher left speaks with Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska during a segment of his

Ben Sasse, R-Neb, during a segment of his "Real Time with Bill Maher", Friday, June 2, 2017.

The network said in a statement Saturday that Maher's use of a slur to refer to himself as a house slave was inexcusable and tasteless.

Sasse now says he regrets not speaking up when Maher made the joke.

Maher made the comment after Sasse, a Republican, suggested he come "work in the fields" with him in his home state. "Senator, I'm a house nigger".

The comment drew laughs and groans from the audience, but Sasse laughed along.

In this photo provided by HBO, Bill Maher, left, speaks with Sen.

"Bill Maher chose to get on television last night and sanitize and normalize the n-word", civil-rights activist Reverend Al Sharpton said in his Saturday sermon in NY. "Comedians get latitude to cross hard lines", he said.

"Here's what I wish I'd been quick enough to say in the moment: "Hold up, why would you think it's OK to use that word?". Me just cringing last night wasn't good enough.

Sasse also addressed the controversy in a series of tweets early Saturday. "The history of the n-word is an attack on universal human dignity".

The comment sparked much outrage on Twitter, with some calling for Maher to be fired.

ThinkProgress, the blog associated with the liberal activist group Center for American Progress, posted a piece Saturday entitled, "Bill Maher has been a public racist for a long time". It's therefore an attack on the American Creed.

The comedian was roundly criticized after the show aired. But coming on the heels of Kathy Griffin's recent controversy, where she came under fire - and was sacked from hosting CNN's New Year's Eve special - for doing a photo shoot with what looked like the severed, bloody head of the President, comedians who cross a line may find there's less latitude in our country today than usual.

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