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Most Americans Support Open Transgender Military Service

04 August 2017, 12:13 | Mandy Simon



Forty-six percent of voters said more acceptance of transgender people would be "a good thing for the country", 14 percent said it would be "a bad thing", and 39 percent said it would make little difference difference.

According to FiveThirtyEight's calculations, an average of the most recent polls show that his strong disapproval rating has increased more than 3 percent from May - from 44.1 percent to 47.4 percent.

These newest numbers are the lowest approval and highest disapproval numbers from this particular poll that Trump has received since his inauguration.

Republican respondents on the other hand, see the Trump White House operating in a more positive light with 63% saying it is running well, while 34%, say it is running chaotically.

Known for its exactness and thoroughness, the Quinnipiac poll is featured regularly in The New York Times, The Washington Post, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and on national network news broadcasts.

With his White House gripped by chaos and seemingly every day bringing another bombshell story rocking his administration, it appears voters are roundly rejecting President Donald Trump's job performance.

"Profound embarrassment over his performance in office and deepening concern over his levelheadedness have to raise the biggest red flags", he said. Sixty-two percent do not believe that the President is honest, and just 26% say he is level-headed.

Americans are increasingly dissatisfied with President Trump's on-the-job performance, according to new polls out this week.

The July 12 New York State poll found Gov. Cuomo's approval drops to near record low; Cuomo gets low grades for handling transit.

The poll was conducted between July 27 and August 1, included 1,125 voters.

As recently as mid-June, Rasmussen had Trump's approval rating at 50% - far beyond where other polls found Trump's approval rating to be.

Republican voters remained the only demographic group opposed to allowing transgender people in the military.

The startling polling results come after two of the more hectic weeks at the White House since Trump was inaugurated.

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