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Sarahah App Uploads Personal Data, Founder Replies

29 August 2017, 12:20 | Deanna Wagner

Sarahah App Uploads Personal Data, Founder Replies


Sarahah app is uploading your entire contacts book to their server and this is not good news for privacy. Most of the apps like Instagram and Facebook ask access for users contacts but they do so with a goal.

However, on the latest Android versions and iPhones, it is asking for a prompt to "access contacts", but without any justification of why it's doing so. Sarahah is among the top five most downloaded apps in Google's Play Store for Android, according to analytics firm App Annie. However, you can still refuse to give the permission and yet continue to use the app. Things get murky especially since the app doesn't offer any feature that would require access to your contacts.

That being said Sarahah has been pretty straightforward when it comes to your contacts, it asks for permission to access your contacts on both iOS and Android. This essentially means that the company is collecting data from users for a new feature which doesn't even exists as of today. In this case, Julian installed the app on a Samsung Galaxy S5 running Android 5.1.1. NO. Julian found that even if you haven't used Sarahah in a while, it will still share all your contacts again.

Well, not sure about you, but collecting data for a feature which is not even available yet, can not be justified for most people. However, it turns out that Sarahah may not be as private as the makers of the app had promised it to be.

Tawfiq has assured that "the data request will be removed on next update" sent to Sarahah. On Android, if you are using Android 6.0 Marshmallow or later, you can go to Settings Personal Apps App Permission to stop the app from sending your contacts to a server.

Other apps that send users' contacts to external servers are more forthright in their privacy policies.

The CCCP is encouraging parents to talk to their teens about the harm it can cause and limiting their use of the app. "See which of your contacts are on Snapchat!" and the popup on iOS clearly says that the contacts will be uploaded to Snapchat's servers "so you and others can find friends, and to improve your experience". It was created in Saudi Arabia by developer Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq, according to news accounts. Another was Secret, now defunct, which was supposed to traffic in anonymized messages from friends and friends of friends.

A silver lining for Sarahah users concerned about privacy is that they don't need to download the service's app. He reasoned that this feature would help in letting users find their friends on Sarahah.

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