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Huge black hole discovered near heart of Milky Way

05 September 2017, 06:57 | Deanna Wagner

Huge black hole discovered near heart of Milky Way

Huge black hole discovered near heart of Milky Way

An enormous black hole one hundred thousand times more massive than the sun has been found hiding in a toxic gas cloud wafting around near the heart of the Milky Way. Hence, spotting them in the vast universe beyond planet Earth is a very hard task. The scientists now backed up their previous findings using new data from the Atacama Large Millimetre/submillimetre Array in Chile.

If confirmed, the discovery will rank as the second largest black hole ever seen in the Milky Way, behind the supermassive black hole known as Sagittarius A.

The researchers aren't saying the new measurements confirm that the source of the radio waves - called CO-0.40-0.22* - is in fact an intermediate-mass black hole, but they are claiming the new results offer our best, least ambiguous evidence of the phenomena to date.

Using numerical simulations of the hidden object, they interpret it as being an IMBH that is not now accreting matter-the accumulation of particles by gravitationally attracting more matter.

Professor Oka of Keio university said that it is widely accepted black holes whose masses are expected to be greater than the solar masses. With an estimated mass of around 100,000 times that of our sun, they believe it could be a special type of black hole that has always been hypothesized but never officially identified.

The presence of the mid-sized black hole so close to Sagittarius A* - a mere 200 light years away - could provide valuable fuel to the theory that smaller black holes drift towards the centre of the galaxy, coalescing into bigger black holes until they join the supermassive centre point.

But how did it form and how did it get there? That growth should happen in part by mergers with other black holes and in part by accretion of material from the part of the galaxy that surrounds the black hole.

Each one is about half a per cent of the host galaxy's size - which indicates they are the driving force behind their evolution.

Recent research has shown supermassive black holes are essential to the creation of galaxies, stars - and even life itself.

Instead, researchers look to possible influences on nearby objects or disruptions in gravitation to detect these occurrences and, based upon observations of the cloud of molecular gas, scientists believe the most likely cause of these particular gravitational disruptions could be the existence of a black hole.

"Further detection of such compact high-velocity features in various environments may increase the number of non-luminous black hole candidate and thereby increase targets to search for evidential proof of general relativity". They propose that a dwarf galaxy was once subsumed by the Milky Way, and its core became this black hole. "We can put our ideas to the test".

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