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Star Trek: Discovery's Opening Title Sequence Is a Work of Art

26 September 2017, 12:13 | Mandy Simon

4/6Delta Quadrant

4/6Delta Quadrant

A move justified by the network in the fact Star Trek Discovery's budget is far more reminiscent of a premium cable or streaming show, versus a broadcast show; a gamble CBS is praying will pay off in style. Internationally, the series will stream on Netflix. Burnham's early life and education are glimpsed in flashbacks: her first meeting with Georgiou is a chilly one, to say the least, thanks in no small part to the logical and emotionless personality she has developed.

Moreover, Burnham's past ties directly into the heart of Trek lore: orphaned, she was raised on Vulcan by Sarek (James Frain), Mr. Spock's father, and thus exhibits a fondness for logic and computer-like mind, despite her rounded earlobes.

FOLLOWING the success of the film reboot, US TV channel CBS has commissioned a new series of the Star Trek franchise to air in 2017. The first eight episodes of the series will be available by November, and the final seven will be done in January.

Unlike the previous generations of Star Trek, however, only the first episode of Discovery will be available for free.

Aside from this, they also highlighted one of the main concerns of the whole series; the Klingons. Good to see him back, even if it is weird that he never told Spock he had a foster sister...

We'll share numerous responses we got, but we want to know what you think too.

The plot of that episode sees the Enterprise investigate the destruction of some Federation outposts on the edge of their territory, only to be ambushed by a cloaked Romulan vessel and have to walk a fine line to avoid all-out war. Based on those reactions and pre-release trailers, it looks like Discovery is transporting Trek into the era of "prestige television" a la The Sopranos and Mad Men - character driven, episodic, complex, and great-looking.

Vulture wrote: "This is light years removed from being a flawless TV show, but it already shows signs of being a great one". That leads the aging ship into a direct confrontation with T'Kuvma (Chris Obi), leader of one of the Klingon Empire's 24 houses and self-styled messiah of the Klingon race. You've also got the After Trek aftershow in there, which we're all about just because we at CarterMatt are big fans of its host in Matt Mira from his time on the Nerdist Podcast. Everything is elaborate and gee-whizzy, which is nice at first - there's no reason a show about the future can't take pleasure in its production design - but then it just doesn't stop, directors David Semel and Adam Kane crowding the frame with more and more detail until we're overwhelmed.

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