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Apple Is Reportedly Preparing a Way to Unify Mac and iOS Apps

21 December 2017, 12:38 | Gerardo Harmon

Apple may let the same app work on across iOS and Macs

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Application teams that wish to target both mobile and desktop users must now build a separate version of their software for each of Apple's operating systems. It's possible that Apple could place greater emphasis on its programming language, Swift, which can be used for both Mac and iOS apps, to enable the change. The company reportedly hopes the move will bring new life to the Mac App Store, which hasn't been almost as successful as the iOS App Store.

Apple has reportedly been developing a strategy for combining its Mac and iOS ecosystems for some time, though.

According to insider sources, the same app will be able to respond to a mouse, a touch pad or a touch screen, depending on the device it's being run on. Rolling out universal apps will give all Apple device users access to the latest features. The changes could launch in September for the iOS and macOS updates. The source noted, however, that Apple's "plans are still fluid", so dates could change or the plan could be canceled altogether. Today, we'll look at that and other Apple Rumors for Wednesday. The company merges mobile and desktop apps with its Universal Windows Platform.

A recent report claims that Apple will allow for universal apps in 2018, reports Bloomberg.

For its part, Apple hasn't said what its future app plans might be. Both Microsoft and Google have attempted to build combined apps that work universally on all devices, but haven't seen much success. "And, with that single app package, the Microsoft Store provides a unified distribution channel to reach all the device types your app can run on". But on iOS, the story is completely different, with app updates coming in at a rapid pace and everything remains top-notch at any given time. If developers must choose to devote resources to one or the other, the computer apps often get shortchanged. The search engine company brought the Playmobile app store to some laptops running on desktop Chrome OS. And in a mobile-first world, that's increasingly iPhone and iPad apps.

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