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BEHIND THE HEADLINES: 100 years since women got the right to vote

09 February 2018, 03:44 | Bernice Figueroa

Marking a century of women's rights

Fawcett was a

Not all women, you'll understand - you had to be aged at least 30 and have either property or a university education - but it was certainly a start.

But Conservative Party chairman Brandon Lewis told Sky News the party would not be introducing all-women shortlists to get more women on the Conservative benches.

"It's never going to be mission accomplished until we see society completely reflected in parliament and in all walks of life". The first black woman MP to ever be elected was Hackney's Diane Abbott.

A less generous onlooker may suggest that the red tops" one-size-fits-all attitude is born of the patriarchal belief that women are a homogenous group, the 1918 Act was "women's legislation', and women should be grateful for any concession granted, however unevenly, to members of their sex.

So although there were still flaws with women being able to vote, there were now around 8.5 million (which is around two in five women) who had their say over who was in parliament.

While New Zealand is credited for introducing votes for women first, it is worth noting that the Isle of Man gave property-owning woman the vote in 1881 with the Manx Election Act of 1881.

However, with a general election looming, this all changed as the 1918 Representation of the People Act persuaded politicians to extend the vote to all men and some women.

Women campaigning for the vote. The Anti-suffrage movement engaged in public debates, created publicity materials to counter those of the suffragists, and argued that support for Women's Suffrage was unpatriotic, especially during World War I. She fought against a tidal wave of opposition and against all odds the Scottish Women's Hospital movement proved to be an unstoppable force.

While Emmeline Pankhurst and her three daughters Christabel, Adela and Sylvia, were figureheads of the movement, thousands of women of all ages and social class joined in the campaign.

The union's motto was "Deeds not Words" and many of their actions were considered extreme by the population. Women would be neglecting their homes if they cam into the House of Commons, and when they would be compelled to attend public meetings and to read all the newspapers and Blue-books and other dry documents, so as to fit themselves for the franchise'.

Women increasingly took on jobs formerly occupied by men who'd left to fight.

Credit: MuseumOfLondon @TwitterWhy Do We Care About The Centenary Of Women's Suffrage?

The Equal Pay (Amendment) Act 1983 allowed women to be paid the same as men for work of equal value.

Looking ahead, journalist an author of She: A Celebration of Renegade Women Harriet Hall has highlighted that the future of history-writing needs to ensure that women from all backgrounds and sexual orientations need to be included in order for real progress to be made.

Campaigns for women's rights, including the right to vote, started around the mid-19th century, after Mary Smith delivered the first women's suffrage petition to parliament in 1832.

When did all women receive the vote in Britain?

Another 10 years would pass before women over 21 were allowed to vote on the same terms as men.

Before 1918 women had nearly no role in British politics - they didn't even have the right to vote.

The law meant that women who occupied a house or were married to someone who occupied a house could now vote.

Her Side of the War - Flanders exhibitions held in 2016-17 remembering women at the Front. Today Nicola Sturgeon has announced a £500,000 fund to drive greater representation of women in Scottish politics.

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