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Tiangong-1 space station crash window gets narrowed down

01 April 2018, 02:49 | Bernice Figueroa

SUPPLIED China's first unmanned space module blasted off

Now the out-of-control Tiangong-1 is falling

The Michigan government has also asked citizens to call 911 and to maintain a safe distance of at least 150 feet (46 meters) if witnessed the debris from the space station.

Your best option for tracking the station is to use SatView to see a map of Tiangong-1's location.

The orbiting Tiangong-1 space station docking with China's Shenzhou-8 spacecraft in 2011.

The Chinese lost contact with the space station a while ago - that's why scientists are having a hard time figuring out where it will land.

It's more likely than anything else that most debris will fall into the ocean, which covers 71% of Earth's surface.

"Only one person has ever been recorded as being hit by a piece of space debris and, fortunately, she was not injured".

Although the craft is largely expected to disintegrate upon re-entering the atmosphere, some parts may still crash down to earth and scientists are unable to say where they will fall. Now the out-of-control Tiangong-1 is falling back to Earth.

Current trajectories have the satellite falling somewhere between 43 degrees North and 43 degrees South latitude, a huge swath of the globe that includes a large amount of water but nearly all of the U.S.as well as major cities around the world as far south as Argentina.

If Tiangong-1 breaks apart in the MI night sky, it will look like a shooting star.

"The majority of the module can be expected to burn up during re-entry heating, with the greatest probability being that any surviving fragments will fall into the sea", he added.

Due to its gentle descent, Tiangong-1 is now experiencing significant drag as it brushes against the planet's denser outer atmosphere and it is dropping out of orbit by about 2.5 miles a day.

A Chinese space lab could plummet back to earth as early as Saturday, authorities say, in a fiery end to one of the country's highest profile space projects. Last we spoke of the space station the prediction was that it would enter Earth's atmosphere on March 31 and the latest update maintains that approximate date.

That is roughly 10 million times less likely than getting hit by lightning.

"It's important that they not touch it, because hydrazine, which is the fuel for that space station, could be on some of the objects that are there". "Those are unknowns that we typically never actually know", said Roger Thompson, an engineer at Aerospace Corporation's Center for Orbital and Reentry Debris Studies, whose work includes running those calculations.

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