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It's not over: What just happened with net neutrality?

18 May 2018, 09:34 | Cedric Leonard



Senators passed a resolution Wednesday to keep the Obama-era internet protections with a 52-47 vote.

Net neutrality is the principle that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) should provide equal access to all applications, content, platforms, and websites, and can not discriminate against content or content providers by making certain web page, applications, or videos load faster or slower than others.

FCC chairman Ajit Pai said he was disappointed by the Senate vote.

Congress needs to reclaim its legislative authority from the FCC, and pass a law protecting consumers and small businesses from the worst-case-scenarios that net-neutrality was created to prevent. If the CRA is approved by the House and signed by President Donald Trump, internet service providers would have to continue following rules that prohibit blocking, throttling and paid prioritization, VOA wrote.

While the vote to block the FCC might be a major triumph for those supporting net neutrality, they still have a long fight ahead of it. Earlier this year, a coalition of 23 attorneys general, including Connecticut's Attorney General George Jepsen sued to stop the rollback of net neutrality. But killing net-neutrality might also let the already too-powerful cable companies fully solidify their grip on the market, and start charging more for worse services. Net neutrality is a flawless opportunity for Republicans to show that they're willing to break from the party line.

For Democrats, net neutrality is a segment of three aspects, internet access, gun control and marijuana legalization; they are hankering on to lure young voters to absorb in the midterm elections. "Our approach will help promote digital opportunity-that is, making high-speed Internet access available to every single American so that they can be participants in, rather than spectators of, our digital economy", he concluded.

In the short space of time since the ruling, many people in the USA have been doing their best to reverse the decision. "Net neutrality is essential for ensuring new companies can compete with established ones, so we encourage citizens to contact their representatives in the House to make their voices heard". She predicts it may become a campaign issue in the Fall.

"This resolution takes us in the wrong direction", said Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell.

Last week Charter replied to these allegations by again claiming that states have no authority over them. "Net neutrality protected everyone. that era, the era of an open Internet, will unfortunately soon come to an end".

"Today is a monumental day", said Democratic senator Edward Markey during a debate.

Net Neutrality protesters in Philadelphia. But he concedes that Democrats have done a better job of selling their message to voters.

SCOTT TAYLOR: So it's important that Republicans have a clear and concise message to tell them why net neutrality, while it sounds good and maybe it's even well-intended, is not the right answer for them. "Other than health care and taxes, this is one of the issues that has motivated most grassroots activity".

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