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Sen: Incumbent Democrat Senator Bob Menendez wins primary in spite of scandal

06 June 2018, 11:19 | Bernice Figueroa

Nearly 100,000 cast early votes in New Mexico

Primary ballots mailed; unaffiliated voters to participate for first time

Webber raised about $400,000 and had $225,000 cash on hand, more than the next closest fundraiser, De Neufville, who loaned his campaign about $200,000.

Like New Jersey, California is seen as key to the eventual outcome in November. In Tuesday's primary, he defeated one opponent, Richard Boyanton. Democratic party establishment recruited Jeff Van Drew to run. He announced his plans to retire a year ago.

In New Jersey's 2nd District, which covers all or parts of eight counties and includes Atlantic City, State Sen. Donald Trump won by 4 points Why is this Race so Important? New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez, a Democrat who faced federal bribery charges past year, did the same the same.

Primary elections typically have less participation than general elections in November.

"While disgraced Senator Bob Menendez was accepting bribes in Washington, Bob Hugin was creating jobs for New Jerseyans", Hansen said in a statement. That and last year's criminal corruption trial against Menendez, which ended in a mistrial before prosecutors dropped the charges, have fueled Hugin's attacks. Hugin appeared alongside President Trump at the White House a year ago but has distanced himself from him since.

Governor's races will also take shape Tuesday in Alabama, Iowa, South Dakota and New Mexico, where Republicans in most cases are fighting to demonstrate their loyalty to Trump and Democrats are toeing the line, particularly in more conservative states.

The issue was a factor for some Democratic voters, who said they couldn't back Menendez. Despite making education a foundation of her campaign, she lost the coveted endorsement of the California Teachers Association to Newsom and has struggled to get serious momentum in the race.

Hugin has loaned his campaign at least $7.5 million and has pledged to restore dignity to the state. That's a ding at Democratic U.S. Sen. Democrats, meanwhile, could be shut out of a handful of competitive House races because they ran too many primary candidates and diluted their vote. "When you combine the Democratic energy with the suburban independent voters who want nothing to do with a Trump Republican, you create a toxic combination for a Republican member of Congress trying to get re-elected". Of particular concern are the House races in three districts: the 39th, the 48th and the 49th. Two Republican incumbents are retiring from Congress.

Rosendale has GOP establishment support, but that may not be a plus for Montana Republican voters. Cory Booker and Gov. Phil Murphy.

Because of California's unusual primary system, Trump's party faces the embarrassing prospect of not qualifying any candidate for the governor's race or the US Senate.

"It's a big, historic, bad thing to happen and I think it would do major psychological damage", said Bill Whalen, a former Republican strategist and research fellow at Stanford's Hoover Institution. But results out of primaries in New Jersey, which is also holding primaries on Tuesday, are equally as important to Democrats' chances at winning a House majority in November. They've been bashing each other in fliers and interviews, with Harder portraying Denham as a GOP puppet and Denham casting Harder as an outsider representing Nancy Pelosi's interests.

Menendez is running for his third six-year term after facing little primary competition previously.

The first wave of polls closed at 8 p.m. ET in New Jersey, Alabama and Mississippi. Two congressional seats are wide open, as voting also decides who advances in statewide races for lieutenant governor, state auditor and public land commissioner.

Incumbent Democrat Bob Menendez is seeking his party's nod for another term.

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